In the areas of composites fabrication and adhesive bonding, the technical team at Triangle Polymer Technologies are experts in process improvements and manufacturing excellence.   We have utilized experience and innovation to provide customized solutions to the ever-changing demands of markets, industry, and technology.

Whether a bottleneck exists in your manufacturing that you need to streamline to increase your throughut or your current process generates unnecessary waste that is costly and environmentally unfriendly, we have a history of working with engineering teams and manufacturing presonnel to assist in streamlining the process by which complex parts are fabricated.  We can even assist you in the design of new processes based on novel material selections, the better utilization of raw material staging or addition or any number of other opportunities.

Contact the technical team at Triangle Polymer Technologies to discuss how we can help you to do what you do better.  We will discuss your opportunity, evaluate your process and deliver a quote to offer the solution that you may not know exists.