Metal Matrix Composite - Lightweight Gun Barrel

Triangle Polymer Technologies has teamed up with Bergara Barrels to develop the most advanced composite gun barrel available.  After comprehensive experimental trials, we have developed a truly hybrid metal matrix composite (MMC). Our composite technology employs a unique combination of fiber and resin allowing for unmatched thermal dissipation properties and outstanding accuracy as compared to a stainless steel barrel and other composite wrapped barrels. Our technology is so novel that we are currently pursuing patent protection. 


  • REDUCE barrel weight - Whether you rifle sees action in law enforcement, military or hunting a lighter barrel means less fatigue for you allowing you to be more accurate.  Our MMC technology reduces weight but does not sacrifice stiffness and performance.              

  • REDUCE heat build-up - Our MMC technology reduces heat caused by firing keeping the internal chamber and bore temperature very low. Steel barrels expand with the heat generated from firing, causing accuracy drift from one shot to the next.   Other steel barrels wrapped with composite materials may reduce barrel weight, but composites contract when heated causing an extreme tension at the interface which leads to inaccuracy from pressure build-up.  The temperature of our MMC barrel never exceeds 140F, even after 10 successive firings and the temperature drops to room temperature within 15 minutes.

  • REDUCE barrel wear and tear - By reducing heat and controlling the pressure throughout the barrel, we are able to dramatically extend the life of your barrel.

When 3 NEGATIVES equal 1 HUGE positive

Our hybrid, MMC composite barrel technology employs state of the art polymer science and engineering that is unmatched on the market today.  Whether you use your rifle in law enforcement, the military or hunting,  lightweight technology will provide you with the best combination of reductions and ONE HUGE POSITIVE: unmatched accuracy; meeting or exceeding accuracy requirements for the most demading scenarios.