Epoxy resin system for large scale composite structures

Under a grant awarded by the Office of Naval Research and NAVSEA, Triangle Polymer Technologies has developed an advanced epoxy resin system for fabricating glass and carbon fiber reinforced composites via the Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding process (VARTM).

This hybrid epoxy system is designed for room temperature processing and curable fabrication.  This novel, hybrid system has the following performance advantages:

  • Low viscosity (less than 500 cps) to assure ease of processing via VARTM

  • Long open time, greater than 4 hours at room temperature

  • Room temperature cure that affords a Tg > 200F and achieves 98+% of cure

  • Flame retardant equivalent to DER 510A-40 (Vinyl ester resin)

  • High strength and fracture toughness

In additional to large scale, ship components, this technology is ideally suited for large composite structures including windmill blades, aircraft fuselage and wing structures and composite launch vehicle tanks.