Tribond Hybrid Structural Adhesives

Offering unmatched physical properties with a combination of epoxy, urethane and methacrylate adhesive chemistries; maximizing the positive characteristics and eliminating the negaitve.

Underwater Technology

Funded by a grant from Special Operations Command - Naval Special Warfare Group, Triangle Polymer Technologies has developed a family of specialty adhesives with a cure time as quick as 30 seconds and specifically designed to be dispensed and cured underwater. This high molecular weight polymer system is heavily filled, compatible with petroleum based materials and can be robotically dispensed into holes and cracks where oil is spilling or leaking; rapidly curing in cold saltwater conditions.

This technology may be useful to robotically replace underwater welding in the dangerous environment inside Nuclear Power Plants where underwater welders work in a nuclear reactor pool filled with 100°F-plus, radioactive water to make a weld repair - while the reactor is running at peak power. The reality of the nuclear power industry is that every second exposes underwater nuclear welder to accumulated alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiation and an hour or so of outage can cost half a million dollars. Robotically dispensed adhesives may be a safe and economic solution. Contact Triangle Polymer for more information.

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